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AC Frozen: Now What?

AC Frozen? Here's what to do | Oasis Air Phoenix

Signs that your AC coil is frozen

Are you experiencing no cold air coming from your vents? Take a look at your system and look around for any condensation or ice forming. You may also see some water pooling around the base of the unit which may indicate condensation and ice in the system. A frozen AC coil may indicate various issues with your AC. If ignored, a frozen unit may stop working altogether and could potentially lead to water damage. Ice build-up will crucially affect your cooling system’s ability to cool your home and airflow can decrease or stop completely. If you are experiencing ice on your system and would like to find out what you can do, check out these great tips to troubleshoot your system.

My AC is frozen! What do I do now?

First, shut off the unit and turn on the fan only to allow ice to thaw. In order to diagnose and do any necessary repairs on the AC, our HVAC technicians recommend waiting at least 24 hours for the system to fully melt, especially if you need one of them to diagnose your system.

When was the last time you checked your air filter? If it’s been a while, this could be a simple fix. How does an air filter cause your AC to freeze over? Dust, pet hair, and other particulate matter can restrict the airflow from flowing freely throughout your home. As the airflow becomes more restricted, the system will drop down to freezing temperatures. The refrigerant running through your AC coil is what causes the coil to freeze.

Although this may seem like an easy solution, sometimes a simple filter change isn’t the case and can be a sign that your system is leaking refrigerant (also known as the brand Freon), a faulty blower motor, or that the AC coil may need to be cleaned.

We’ve heard stories from customers who allowed their system to thaw and the system started up again. Although this may seem that the issue is fixed, our technicians recommend leaving it off until any issues with the system are fixed. If the problem is not resolved, chances are your system will freeze over again and will cause water damage to other parts of the system.

Oasis Air: Phoenix AC Repair you can count on

You can call our staff 24/7 to set up an AC repair appointment so our HVAC technicians can provide you with a diagnosis and perform the necessary repairs. Just make sure to turn your system off and run the fan on auto so that way we can allow time for your system to thaw. Our technicians will provide you with a diagnosis and an estimate for the repairs. We will take into consideration the age of the system and the cost to provide you with the best possible choice – whether it be AC repair or installing a new, efficient AC system. Call our friendly staff at 480-485-5630, 24 hours a day, to schedule your visit!