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How to get mice out of your HVAC system

Rats and Mice in AC Condenser | Oasis Air AZ

Pesky desert critters clogging up your HVAC units? No way! Well… yes way. Small creatures such as rats, mice, birds, etc. look to certain components of your HVAC system as shelter to keep them warm and out of bad weather. Also, for food and water sources. Sometimes they may not always find a way into your home, but inside of your AC unit itself. Our technicians have opened up plenty of units where mice have found their way inside the AC condenser and built a nest inside! The varmints will get in there and chew through the electrical components and cause the system to shut down. Luckily, there are a few things you can do to try to deter these little critters. 

Clear the area around your AC condenser

First, try to clear the area around your AC unit. We all love beautiful plants and landscape, but if there are plants, this also makes for a great place for little critters to hide. Plus, this becomes a reliable source of water for backyard critters if you are watering your plants often. Because of this, it’s recommended to try and keep the area around your AC clear and clean so that there isn’t anything to attract the mice there.

Try planting certain kinds of plants

In fact, some plants and herbs actually deter mice and other critters. Rosemary, lavender, garlic, and many other plants can add a beautiful addition outside your home, and also keep these pests away.

Still having pest problems in your AC? Call Oasis Air!

If your unit isn’t working properly – or you suspect you have some pests in your AC system – call our friendly staff today to set up an appointment with one of our professional HVAC technicians. We’ll set up an AC repair visit for you, and they’ll find out where the pests are coming from and how they can keep them from getting back in.