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Portable Humidifiers: Yay or Nay?

Portable vs. Whole Home Humidifiers

Have you ever experienced low humidity in your home. It can definitely be a pain and make you feel awful. Some common symptoms of low humidity could be dry eyes, throat, or nose, difficulty breathing, headaches, and plenty more.  To maintain human comfort, humidity is a must– but often ignored.

Portable Humidifiers: Just A Quick Fix?

Most retailers and drug stores carry small room or portable humidifiers. Many people turn to these as an affordable way to help with their humidity problems, but do they really help? 

Smaller humidifiers are actually a great way to add more humidity into a small room or an office. It’s common to have portable humidifiers used in these types of spaces, like an office, since you most likely can’t do indoor air quality upgrades yourself. 

Downsides Of Portable Humidifiers For Your House

A portable humidifier may not provide you with the humidity you need to ensure comfort. Depending on the lifespan of a portable humidifier, the humidity it adds to your home, and your comfort level, you may want to consider a whole home humidifier.

  • Portable humidifiers are made for small spaces: If you have ever bought or gone shopping for a portable humidifier,  you may have seen some of the labels on a small device claiming that it can fill a large sized room with the humidity it needs. However, the results may be different. 
  • Short lifespan: From our personal experience, some of the bigger brands of portable humidifiers that are higher quality don’t last as long and are prone to breakdowns compared to whole-home humidifiers. You may see portable humidifiers flying off the shelves, but that’s due to low cost and the simplicity of being able to buy another cheap one when a break-down occurs. Unfortunately,  costs of buying new portable humidifiers adds up and so does the amount of waste that we are adding to our planet.
  • Daily use requirements: One other inconvenience about portable humidifiers is that they need to be refilled with water daily– sometimes even more. If it’s another thing that you have to worry about with your busy lifestyle, it may be easier to have a whole home humidifier installed.
  • Cleaning and maintenance: Depending on the water coming into your home, it make affect how long your portable humidifier stays clean for.  The water from most home faucets contains minerals that will build up over time in a portable humidifier. If neglected, you will start to see a build up of minerals on the device. Not only does this build up affect the air coming from the humidifier but it can cause the device to not last as long as expected. Also, most of these smaller units take in air and have a small fan attached to it, which can suck in dust and other particulate matter which can also affect the air quality coming from the unit.
  • Annoying Noises and lights: Unfortunately some of these small, cheaper units make quite a bit of noise. Sometimes you can hear the buzzing of the fan that’s moving the air which can’t be disabled unless the unit is off. Some even have lights on them that will only go out unless the unit is unplugged. This can be quite an annoyance if its in a room that you are trying to watch a movie or sleep in.

Why A Whole-Home Humidifier Can Be A Better Solution to Humidity Issues

Although some smaller portable humidifiers can be a quick and easy fix to humidity issues in a small space, it may not give you the same results for your home. If you have experienced any of the issues above with portable humidifiers, a whole-home humidifier system can be a good solution for you.

A whole home humidifier can be attached to your furnace and less maintenance is needed for it.  No more cleaning and no more build up! All you have to do is set the humidity level percentage on your humidistat which helps determine the humidity levels. 

Worried about the cost of a whole home humidifier?

We all love saving money. That’s why there is such a draw to buy low cost portable humidifiers. Unfortunately, these smaller devices cannot provide the humidity needed to keep your home at a comfortable level. If the portable units were able to provide whole home humidity control, the unit would be way bigger and would cost a lot more.

Instead of relying on a small, portable device, a whole-home humidifier may help save you and your family down the road and help maintain your families comfort for years instead of just temporarily. There is little maintenance needed, no need to keep refilling with water, and will last longer than a portable unit. Also, it will help save on energy bills. Instead of having multiple smaller humidifiers plugged in, you can rely on just one whole home system.

Are you looking to get a new whole home humidifier? We can help you! We offer financing on all of our HVAC services. Ask us about our different options! We look forward to helping you with your new whole home purification system. For any questions you may have or to set up an appointment, you can call us at anytime at (480) 485-5630.