An HVAC installation is an expensive expenditure, one that you don’t want to do repeatedly. Maintaining your HVAC with regular maintenance not only saves you money on the cost of a new installation, but it also saves you from possible health costs and extra money spent on electricity.

The Peace of Mind Delivered With HVAC Maintenance

  • A Well Maintained HVAC System
  • A Check For Harmful Pathogens
  • Cleaning to Help With Mold Prevention
  • Cleaning to Help With Fire Prevention
  • An Easy-Flowing, Energy Efficient System

HVAC Maintenance Plans and Appointments

In order to ensure that your HVAC system, AC unit, or furnace is always functioning at their highest level of safety and efficiency, preventative maintenance needs to be performed at least every six months. With Oasis Air you can rest easy knowing that we have factory-trained technicians who provide the highest quality of HVAC maintenance services.

All the heating and cooling needs of your home will be taken into account, and we’ll let you know how to best take care of your heating and cooling units while we’re away. Because we don’t send in salespeople, just certified HVAC technicians, we never use any sales tactics to get the work done.

Based out of Scottsdale, AZ, our business has expanded to much of the surrounding area. We serve Arizona’s East Valley area including Phoenix, Scottsdale, Gilbert, Chandler, Mesa, Tempe, and Paradise Valley — so when you need HVAC maintenance, whether it’s just a quick inspection or regular service, give us a call!


If your heating and cooling systems aren’t looked after the way they should be, then the components of your HVAC system will wear down much faster than they should. A well-maintained HVAC system could last you upwards of 20 years or as little as two if it’s not maintained properly. At the very least, dust and dander will naturally get into your system. Once enough dust has accumulated, it becomes harder for moisture to leave your vents, from there, mold could ensue. On the flip side, maintenance also helps systems from overheating due to clogged, dusty, and possibly failing components. After a problem starts in your HVAC unit, it will very likely perpetuate itself into something bigger, and continual use could cause your system to break down completely.

By having your HVAC system serviced on a regular basis, you can increase the durability of your system and avoid repairs. Unless we encounter major issues, most of our work will be completed approximately in an hour’s time, and we aim to make our prices competitive.

Preventative maintenance work could also uncover the following:

  • Rust
  • Rot
  • Soot
  • Frayed wires
  • Corroded electrical contacts
  • Mold
  • Dead Animals
  • Pest Droppings

Further extending value to our clients, all of the technicians at OASIS AIR are paid by the hour, not based on commission, so you know our HVAC servicemen and women can give full attention to any issues your unit may present. We won’t rush on to the next AC unit or furnace just to make a few extra dollars.

Our Maintenance Plan

Our maintenance plan is a one-time $190 payment and covers your air conditioning unit for one year.

  • Includes the Oasis Air No Breakdown Guarantee* while each system is in service and covered by the agreement.
  • PLUS 20% off parts and repairs while the agreement is active
  • PLUS Priority Service
  • PLUS Loyalty Points that accrue towards discounts on a complete system upgrade – up to $2,000 over 10 years!

With some of the industries best products and factory-certified technicians who’ll maintain the value of your warranty, your 100% satisfaction is guaranteed. Get in touch with us today!